Nova Easy Kombucha

Beloved for its beachy aesthetic infused with Brazilian influence, Nova Easy Kombucha is a San Diego kombucha gem, brewing unique flavor combinations that pair effortlessly with the healthy lifestyle of a San Diegan. Health, balance and refined flavors are what drive this booch haven to continue honing its craft, one booch at a time, and the team at Nova couldn’t be happier to be part of this burgeoning category of the industry. Kombucha itself is rendered through a process of fermenting tea with a “SCOBY,” otherwise known as a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast – we’ll stick with SCOBY! Kombucha undergoes a second round of fermentation for the hard stuff.

In 2018, there were few like-minded brewmasters who began delving into the world of fermentation, as they sought a healthier, more natural way of making kombucha. With San Diego’s temperate conditions, Nova found the perfect place to call home and to brew their one-of-a-kind kombucha – one that skips the vinegar aftertaste and ensures that live probiotics are presented in every effervescent glass or can of their crave-worthy booch. They source only the highest-quality, natural ingredients aimed to provide folks with something they can feel good about putting into their bodies. They never use preservatives and pasteurization plays no part in their packaging process – after all, living probiotics are what make kombucha so special and healthy for your gut! Nova’s taproom is situated in Ocean Beach – the idyllic spot for sipping beachy booch.

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