Upon opening her first restaurant L’Osteria Delle Tre Panche in Florence, Italy, Patrizia Branchi has been a part of award-winning restaurants and Italian cuisine since 1985. What started as a family restaurant in Florence has turned into success across borders. She and her late husband Roberto, both natives of Florence, moved to California to fulfill their lifelong dream of running a restaurant in the United States. Although thousands of miles from home, Patrizia continues to serve the same traditional Tuscan dishes that received worldwide recognition back in Florence.

Operacaffe is an inviting restaurant in the Gaslamp District serving authentic, award-winning Italian cuisine. It is the history and experiences that make Operacaffe truly different than the many other Italian restaurants in this area. From the menu items to the romance of Italy that decorates the atmosphere, Operacaffe makes for the perfect restaurant for an authentic Italian experience.


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