Rouleur Brewing Company

Inspired by the artisanal pursuit of modern craft breweries and the secretive, monastic breweries of the Old World, the beers at Rouleur Brewing Company are designed with style and zing. Focused on the balance between well-crafted style variations and ingredient combinations, Rouleur Brewing exceeds the rules and limitations affecting the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage on the planet.

Translated from French, Rouleur means having wheels… a roller. We love beer that is well-rounded and balanced, yet with unusual flavor profiles that can defy convention. The confidence behind our beers consists of intimate knowledge of Old-World traditions but brought to life with artistry of rule-breaking creativity—achieved with discipline, inspiration and panache.

Rouleur Brewing Company appeals to those who are enthusiastic about the creation of beer. The cycling minds at Rouleur are always churning, just like its gears are always driving-divining new ways of leading, celebrating, and furthering the craft of beer making.

“Elegance without precedence. Irreverence without recklessness.”

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